The Most Incredible Life Size Unicorn " Jules" - Lemon And Lavender Toronto

The Most Incredible Life Size Unicorn " Jules"

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Make all your fairy-tale dreams come true with Jules the Jumbo Unicorn plush! Her exciting extra large size makes this fantasy horse the perfect pet unicorn! Her mane and tail feature colorful teal, pink, and purple highlights and are luxuriously long so they can be brushed and styled. High quality, pure white plush fur makes Jules a pleasure to pet and hug, and an interior frame allows her to be a sturdy sit-on toy for kids up to 150 lbs. Beautiful, rose colored eyes give Jules a gentle, lifelike expression that will engage and delight her new owner. Additional details include her metallic silver unicorn horn and hooves and tufts of soft, white feathering at each of her four feet. Sure to become more than just a stuffed animal, Jules the Jumbo Unicorn plush will be your very best friend! Hop on her back and let Jules carry you away to an enchanting world of fantasy fun!

34″ long
suitable for sit-on
maximum weight 150lbs.