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The Warsh Cloth is the anti-bacterial face cleansing system uniquely designed to save your skin from the harsh effects of soaps and cleansers.

Use the Warsh Baby Cloth to clean baby with only water. Gently Warsh your baby's face and bathe all over with only warm water and this soft cloth, so soaps and their chemicals won't overdry and chap his or her tender skin.

The Baby Warsh Cloth is excellent to clean all skin folds including around ears and chin. On baby's face, gently wipe from the inner eye corner to outer with a damp Warsh cloth. Dampen any crusty matter around eyes, nose, or mouth and wipe it away.


  • Easy and quick cleanups wherever there's water
  • Save on cleansers and wipes and avoid chemicals
  • Safe for infants and toddlers and all ages

For use:

  • Just add water
  • Cleanse skin with cloth
  • Simply wash the cloth with soapy water to clean
  • Hang to dry and it's ready to use again and again
  • Replace every 3-4 months

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Item is on sale because it is being phased out of our store. 

All sale items are final sale and cannot be wrapped as gifts