Man Bar of Soap - Cardamon + Juniper - Lemon And Lavender Toronto

Man Bar of Soap - Cardamon + Juniper

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These Man Bars are bar soap with benefits - the unique formulation blends the finest ingredients to give you a rich, moisturizing lather. This soap will leave your skin clean, soft, and lightly scented with a fresh, masculine fragrance.

  • Each bar is a generous 10 ounces and comes gift boxed
  • Available in the following fragrances:
    • Cardamon + Juniper
    • Musk + Sandalwood
    • Siberian Fir
    • Silver Sage + Bergamot
    • Midnight Amber
  • Soap made in the USA

The San Francisco Soap Company creates all their products with only one goal in mind, to provide only high-quality products without using harmful fillers and chemicals that big label companies use. Their soap gently cleanses and leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished, rather than stripped dry. They take pride in their unique formulation that blends only the finest ingredients.